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Dr. Ayman El-Attar

I am pleased to introduce Dr. Ayman El-Attar a good friend and President of the American Aesthetic Association as the Medical Director for my company Advanced Aesthetic Center, LLC




Dr. Ayman El-Attar, FASLMS, FAAFP, AAACS, is a world renowned Aesthetic Physician and Surgeon. He founded Derma Laser Centers of New Jersey established in October 2002. He graduated from Alexandria Medical School with honors in 1987. He completed residencies in both General Surgery and Family Medicine, and obtained a Masters Degree of surgery in 1992. He was an assistant lecturer of Surgery at Alexandria University, and a visiting instructor of Surgery at the Medical College of Ohio. He then finalized his Ph.D. thesis in 1998. Dr. El-Attar has described the TOPAL procedure for office tumescent power assisted laser liposuction in 2009. He has several publications in the most reputable Medical and Surgical Journals. He had taught physicians both in USA and in over 30 other countries about recent advances in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

His professional memberships include:

• Fellow American Society For Laser Medicine and Surgery

• Faculty American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

• American Society of Liposuction Surgery

• International Society of Dermatology

• International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

• American Academy of Family Physicians

• American College of Phlebology

• American Medical Association

Dr. El-Attar offers a full range of surgical options for all areas of the face and body, including procedures & services such as: facial plastic surgery, liposuction, eyelid surgery and body contouring.

Dr. El-Attar offers a free consultation to help you plan a custom procedure that is right for you so; you can connect your inner beauty with your outer glow.



• Scarless Breast Reduction

• Male Breast Reduction

• Abdominoplasty-Tummy Tuck

• SmartLipo

• Tumescent Liposuction(TOPAL)

• Hair Transplant

• S-Lift

• Otoplasty (Prominent Ears)

• Scar Treatment

• Fat Transfer to Face

• Butt Augmentation

• Blepharoplasty

For a free consultation with Dr. El-Attar, please call me at 305-794-7818 to schedule an appointment. Dr. El-Attar will offer you the best value and results on any treatment you wish to have. Financial assistance is also available with 18 months with no interest. Procedures will be done in Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. Initial consultations will be by FaceTime in my office or directly from your phone with the doctor.

I am very excited to bring you the best Plastic Surgeon in the industry! So, if you or anyone you may know have been considering any of the procedures, please place yourself on the hands of the very best!